Find Relief: Evidence-Based Strategies for Rib Pain and Pain under the Scapula/Shoulder Blade


Today, I'm diving into a topic that plagues many: scapular and rib pain. Whether your rib is out of place or you have nagging pain under you shoulder blade, come get your fix today. Whether you're a dedicated athlete or simply suffer from daily discomfort, this blog post is your key to unlocking relief. So, let's explore evidence-based strategies that can help you bid adieu to that nagging pain and get back to doing what you love!

Understanding Scapular and Rib Pain: Before we dive into the solutions, let's take a moment to understand the problem. Scapular and rib pain can be caused by a variety of factors, including poor posture, muscle imbalances, overuse injuries, or trauma. Identifying the root cause is essential to crafting an effective treatment plan.

  1. Posture Correction: Let's start with the foundation: posture. Poor posture can contribute to scapular and rib pain. Simple adjustments, such as maintaining a neutral spine, avoiding slouching, and sitting with proper ergonomics, can make a world of difference. Consider using a lumbar roll or an ergonomic chair to support your lower back and improve posture throughout the day.

  2. Manual Therapy: Seeking the hands-on expertise of a skilled physical therapist can be transformative. Techniques like soft tissue mobilization, myofascial release, and joint mobilizations can target specific areas, reducing pain and restoring mobility. A therapist will tailor these techniques to address your unique needs, ensuring an effective treatment plan.

  3. Strengthening and Stretching: Muscular imbalances often contribute to scapular and rib pain. Strengthening the muscles around the scapulae, such as the rhomboids, serratus anterior, and trapezius, can alleviate pain and improve stability. Incorporate exercises like rows, scapular retractions, and serratus push-ups into your routine.

Additionally, maintaining flexibility through stretching exercises can aid in pain relief. Stretching the chest muscles, pectoralis major and minor, along with the anterior shoulder muscles, can help restore a balanced shoulder girdle.

  1. Movement Re-Education: Movement patterns play a significant role in scapular and rib pain. Often, poor mechanics during activities such as lifting, throwing, or reaching exacerbate the issue. A physical therapist can analyze your movements and provide guidance on proper form and technique, reducing stress on the scapulae and ribs.

  2. Breathing Techniques: Believe it or not, proper breathing techniques can alleviate scapular and rib pain. Deep diaphragmatic breathing promotes relaxation, decreases tension in the surrounding muscles, and improves oxygenation. Engage in regular deep breathing exercises to support your recovery process. This is key!

Conclusion: Dear Sarasota athletes, by implementing these evidence-based strategies, you'll be well on your way to treating and improving scapular and rib pain. Remember, seeking the guidance of a skilled physical therapist, like the at, is crucial to tailor a treatment plan to your unique needs.

Take control of your pain, embrace proper posture, and make strengthening and stretching exercises a part of your routine. Combine these efforts with movement re-education and mindful breathing techniques, and you'll be amazed at the transformation your body can undergo.

Now that you're armed with this knowledge, it's time to take action. Don't let scapular and rib pain hold you back from living your best life. Reach out to our team at, and let us guide you on your journey towards a pain-free, active lifestyle!


Dr. Regi Bastien