SRQ Sports Rehab does not take insurance. Instead, we provide a direct relationship between you and your therapist, with no insurance company in the way.

Have you ever found yourself wishing you had a therapist that actually knew you, who you could call or visit on short notice?

As a concierge Physical Therapist, we provide direct email, phone and text message contact with your therapist, and in some cases even house calls depending on the practice and the situation.

Sadly, in our famously broken US healthcare model, an insurance company is wedged in between you and your therapist, and insurance has different objectives than you do.

You just want the best overall health for yourself, and when you need medical care, you want it to be quick, effective, and at minimum cost. And you don’t want to be hounded with years of stressful bills.

Most Insurance companies want to make as much profit as possible, which means maximizing the amount they collect from you, and minimizing the amount they pay to your doctor. In theory, they benefit from helping you to stay healthy. But they have also developed elaborate contracts, frequently drop coverage or deny claims, become masters of delaying payments, limiting which procedures and tests they will authorize doctors to do, and just generally throwing the biggest monkey wrench into the system that they can.

With Concierge Physical Therapy, it’s just you and your therapist. You both have the same incentives, but now the model works much better because there is no chaotic and expensive force in the middle to mess things up.


On top of this, you get to decide together what is the best course of healthy prevention and treatment, without the overhead and complexity of constantly fighting with insurance companies. This drastically cuts the costs by eliminating the large staff of paper-pushers and attorneys that you normally need to operate a medical office, and frees up the doctor to spend more time with each patient during each visit.