Our physical therapy services help bridge the gap between traditional rehabilitation and performance training. Using our holistic approach to each injury, we offer a complete evaluation of the injury and surrounding areas, looking for deficients and weaknesses that could have factored into the cause of the injury.

Your first session begins with an extensive Full-Body Assessment that looks at strength, ROM, functional limitations, posture and how you move. The Assessment helps us identify the root cause of any discomfort and helps guide your treatment to ensure we relive tension.


Your session includes hands on myofascial treatment, along with joint mobilization and if needed, manipulation. We utilize an all-encompassing approach that restores joint mobility and reduces muscle tension, allowing you to move more freely. 

Our team of healthcare professionals is assembled to provide our clients with the same quality of services that professional athletes receive from their teams. We are expertly trained in injury prevention, clinical examination & diagnosis of musculoskeletal injuries, and evidence-based medicine. Through the use of acute & chronic rehabilitation, therapeutic interventions, and soft-tissue therapy, we are able to provide a complete spectrum of care for all populations.


Once we decrease the tension in your body, our therapists work with you to increase control of this new range of motion using personalized, corrective strengthening exercise. 

Pioneering a system that utilizes scientific and mathematical principles, we have created a superior and proven method for developing and maintaining the performance of elite professional athletes. Furthermore, we build the foundations of amateur and youth athletes, preparing them for their future.

Through world class training programs, we teach athletes how to move so that they gain a better understanding of how their body is designed to function. Every program is tailor-made specifically for each athlete’s body and particular sport, taking into account everything from position to team dynamics, and even minutes played. All aspects of the program play a defined role in optimizing on-field performance and reducing the risk of injury – ultimately leading to a better functioning human being.


The body’s ability to recover from frequent workouts is the key to athletic success. Good training programs put targeted stresses on the body’s musculoskeletal system as well as the nervous system. Our Physical Therapy and recovery facility is modeled to provide the exact same services to our clients that professional athletes are provided by their teams.

Movement Therapy. Don't just stretch - get stretched. SRQ's team of highly trained Physical Therapists will give you a deeper stretch than you could ever achieve on your own.

The session can involve a deep and extensive full body stretch that focuses on all major muscle groups and extremities. It's great for improving your range of motion and flexibility, while also loosening tight muscles and easing stiff joints

One-on-one stretching is about identifying tightness and imbalances in your body and customizing a stretch routine that is just for you. Our clients may come in with pain, tightness or specific focus areas, but they keep coming back and commit to their flexibility journey once they experience the freedom that comes with having a wider range of motion and flexibility.

Stretching and joint mobility can help release joint pressure and muscle tightness to decrease pain and eliminate inflammation. Improve your performance and overall health

Recovery Air System Therabody COMPRESSION BOOTS

Flush out your lymphatic system to decrease inflammation, encourage weight-loss, improve digestion & remove waste products. Dynamic air compression effectively mimics the muscle pump of the legs and arms, enhancing the movement of fluid and metabolites out of the limbs after an intense workout. Studies show it can help relieve muscle aches and/or pain and temporarily increase circulation resulting in increased flexibility and range of motion, injury prevention, and accelerated recovery time.


During dry needling, a practitioner inserts several filiform needles into your skin. Filiform needles are fine, short, stainless steel needles that don’t inject fluid into the body. That’s why the term “dry” is used.

Practitioners place the needles in “trigger points” in your muscle or tissue. Dry needling is also sometimes called intramuscular stimulation. The points are areas of knotted or hard muscle.

Dry needling needles help release the knot and relieve any muscle pain or spasms. The needles will remain in your skin for a short period of time. The length of time depends on you condition and the discretion of your therapist. 

Dry needling may provide relief for some muscular pain and stiffness. In addition, easing the trigger points may improve flexibility and increase range of motion. That’s why this method is often used to treat sports injuries, muscle pain, and even fibromyalgia pain to help you return your energy flow to a state of balance.


We build comprehensive programs customized around the needs and goals of each individual member. 

Most people fall short of their optimal health and wellness goals due to a lack of  direction which in turn leads to a lack of consistent application of health’s basic truths. For people looking to kick their fitness goals into high gear and those who simply desire to improve their overall well-being but need direction, we meet you where you are. 

Our clients can expect to achieve a more optimal state of human function – encompassing increased athletic performance, relief from chronic dysfunction, and safe and efficient movements.

We develop comprehensive, safe, and effective science-backed training programs.


Cupping therapy is one of the oldest and most effective method of releasing the toxins from body tissue and organs. It is a practice in which the therapist puts special cups on the skin to create suction. This causes the tissue beneath the cup to be drawn up and swell causing increase in blood flow to affected area. Enhanced blood flow under the cups draws impurities and toxins away from the nearby tissues and organs towards the surface for elimination.

Cupping helps to increase the blood flow to sore areas in muscles.

It provides necessary nutrients to the area being treated and promotes healing.

Cupping can provide pain relief and help ease the symptoms of many common disorders of the bones and muscles. It does this by exciting small nerves inside muscles so that they release pain-killing chemicals.

Cupping Therapy can be very relaxing and help to reduce muscular restrictions, scars and adhesions, to decrease swelling, increase range of motion


Our unique technique and instruments enable the treatment of scar tissue and fascial restrictions during rehabilitation that allows for faster rehabilitation and with greater success when the goal is restoring range of motion, eliminating pain, and restoring normal function.

Graston Technique is a form of manual therapy known as soft-tissue instrument-assisted mobilization. It is one of a number of manual therapy approaches that uses instruments with a specialized form of massage/scraping the skin gently to break up scar tissue.

These tools are made of stainless steel and are concave and convex-shaped. They have rounded edges and are not sharp. The instruments are used to scan over and detect areas of injured fibrotic tissue.

Using a cross-friction massage, which involves brushing or rubbing against the grain of the scar tissue, the practitioner re-introduces small amounts of trauma to the affected area. In some cases, this process temporarily causes inflammation in the area, which in turn increases the rate and amount of blood flow in and around the area. The theory is that this process helps initiate and promote the healing process of the affected soft tissues.

Treatment is rendered along the kinetic chain and thus a patient presenting with back pain might also receive treatment to the hip flexors, abdomen, hamstrings, shoulders, and other regions of the body which often seem remote but are connected through the fascial network.


Designed to accelerate warmup and recovery, we use the Hypervolt for vibration/percussion  therapy. Percussion therapy concentrates targeted pulses of pressure into the muscle/tissue of the body, helping to relieve muscle pain, stiffness and soreness, and increase range of motion. Percussive stimulation provides comprehensive relief by reaching both the superficial and deep muscle fibers. This is ideal to relieve tension and accelerate warmup and recovery after physical activity. 


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