Dr. Regi Bastien

Regi is a local to the Sarasota area, growing up in Englewood, FL and attending Lemon Bay High school. Regi earned his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Florida Gulf Coast University and earned his undergraduate degree from The University of South Florida, with a minor in Public Health. Dr. Bastien is a Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist and Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach. Coming from an immigrant background, Regi is a first generation American citizen, and his goal has always been to come home and give back to the same community that helped him reach is life-long goals.

His mother was fortunate enough to find her way to America from Haiti and provide for her family, giving Regi and his family the shot at the true American Dream.

Regi and his brothers

In addition to running SRQ Sports Rehab, Regi has been a front line worker during the COVID-19 pandemic, working at multiple hospitals in the Southwest Florida area in the acute care hospital setting. He has a podcast called "The Injured Reserve", where he and friends catch-up and discuss a wide range of topics, most notably Fantasy Football. He is an avid-traveler, wine-connoisseur and workout junkie.


SRQ Sports Rehab

SRQ Sports Rehab is the manifestation of Dr. Bastien’s life work, which is to radically change the way society integrates wellness into longevity. Our current healthcare model is dependent and reactive, but I believe people should be independent and proactive. This can only be done by taking control of your health, before any crisis hits. Preventative care and technology can counteract all of life’s stressors, so this clinic is a place where that dream turns into a reality.

SRQ Sports Rehab is the vision of Founder Dr. Regi Bastien, a concierge wellness Doctor of Physical Therapy, specializing in human performance, sports medicine, and the most cutting edge recovery methods available. Dr. Bastien’s principal belief is that integration of a holistic, evidence-based practice is crucial for an individual’s sustained success.

Dr. Bastien has over 7 years working in the fitness industry and over 5 years working as a licensed physical therapist. He honed his clinical skills by treating a wide variety of sports and orthopedic conditions ranging from the acute post-operative stages to elite level performance across all skill levels and age groups. He prides himself as being able to work with patients ranging from celebrities, professional athletes, weekend warriors, stay-at home moms and grandparents just wanting to be able to play with their grandchildren, pain free.


What We Believe and Why We Do What We Do

We start with the belief that everything is connected. We start by looking at the global picture of how your body is aligned and balanced, how your body moves, and how one issue can lead to problems elsewhere. This helps us look strategically and systematically at the root cause of any pain, dysfunction, or areas holding you back from performing at your best. This approach allows us to not just treat pain, but also to help you move better to make sure this pain never comes back. You will spend your entire session one-on-one with your therapist - no techs or assistants. 

In the same way you clean you teeth and maintain your car, your body requires regular tune-ups. We add wear and tear to our muscles and joints every day, which can lead to pain or injury. Routine body maintenance ensures you’re alway able to feel your best.